Fort Chanwa

Ruler of Jodhpur, Marwar, from 1876 to 1895 A.D., Maharajah Jaswant Singh II is remembered as a kind monarch who guided the state’s administration and economy away from chaos and instability and toward a period of sustained development, security, and justice for all. A young man from the Charan caste by the name of Kaviraj Muraridanji was among the notable civil servants in this Ruler’s coterie of administrators. He was a shrewd politician and a visionary leader.

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Location –Luni, Rajasthan 342802
Nearest Airport –Jodhpur Airport
Number of Rooms –64 Rooms
Space Capacity –
400 guests
Venue Type –Various lawns, carved latticework friezes, intricate Jharokhas, terrace, and poolside venues.

The little-known hamlet of Chanwa was given to Kaviraj Muraridanji in 1894 as a “jagir” (territorial award given in appreciation of military operations). He constructed a stunning little fortified haveli there that is now known as the Heritage Hotel Fort Chanwa. However, in 1941 the village of Chanwa became “khalsa” (owned by the State), ironically because Muraridanji was the victim of a law he had introduced in the interest of Marwar, which mandated that feudal states without a male successor or without a recognised adoption during the deceased “jagirdar’s” lifetime automatically resumed by the state after his death.

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