What is NRI Wedding

What is NRI Wedding

NRI stands for Non-Resident Indian, which refers to Indian citizens who live outside of India. An NRI wedding is a wedding ceremony that takes place outside of India, typically in the country where the non-resident Indians reside. These weddings often incorporate traditional Indian customs and rituals, and may involve elaborate celebrations that last for several days.

NRI weddings are often a blend of traditional Indian customs and the culture of the country where the wedding takes place. For example, an NRI wedding in the United States may include a mix of Indian and American customs, such as a mehndi ceremony followed by a Western-style reception.

NRI weddings are often planned with the help of wedding planners who specialize in this type of event, as they can help navigate the logistics of organizing a wedding in a foreign country, including travel arrangements for the couple and their guests, finding local vendors and venues, and managing logistics such as transportation, lodging, and activities. NRI weddings may also involve a larger number of guests than a traditional Indian wedding, as friends and family members from both India and the country where the wedding takes place may attend.

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