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Mehndi functions hold a significant place in traditional weddings, particularly in South Asian cultures. These vibrant and joyous pre-wedding celebrations are filled with music, dance, and the art of henna application. As an integral part of the wedding festivities, mehndi functions bring together family and friends to celebrate the impending union of two individuals.

One of the key elements that contribute to the success of a mehndi function is the entertainment provided to the guests. Entertainment plays a vital role in creating a lively and celebratory atmosphere, making the event memorable for everyone involved. From dance performances to interactive games and cultural activities, incorporating engaging entertainment ideas ensures that guests have a fantastic time and the atmosphere is brimming with joy and excitement.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a plethora of creative and engaging entertainment ideas that can be incorporated into mehndi functions. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a family member, or a friend involved in organizing the event, this blog aims to inspire you with various entertainment options that can elevate the spirit of your mehndi function. By infusing elements of tradition and modernity, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests, ensuring that the celebration is a true reflection of your cultural heritage and personal style. So, let’s delve into the world of entertainment ideas and make your mehndi function an event to remember!

Traditional Mehndi Activities

Mehndi functions are deeply rooted in tradition and are known for a variety of activities that symbolize the essence of this celebration. One of the most iconic traditions is the application of intricate henna designs on the hands and feet of the bride and the guests. The artistry involved in creating these beautiful patterns is not only visually captivating but also holds cultural and symbolic significance, representing love, good luck, and marital blessings.

In addition to henna application, singing folk songs and playing traditional instruments are integral to mehndi functions. Folk songs, often accompanied by instruments like the dholak (a two-headed drum) or the harmonium, create an enchanting atmosphere and bring a sense of cultural heritage to the celebration. These songs typically narrate stories of love, marriage, and joy, captivating the audience and enhancing the overall experience.

While traditional mehndi activities hold immense value, it is essential to strike a balance between tradition and modern entertainment to create a memorable experience for everyone involved. Incorporating modern entertainment elements into the mehndi function can add a fresh and exciting twist to the celebration, keeping guests engaged and entertained throughout the event.

For instance, alongside traditional folk songs, you can include contemporary Bollywood music that appeals to a broader audience. This blend of traditional and modern tunes will create a vibrant and energetic ambiance, encouraging guests to dance and celebrate together. Similarly, instead of solely relying on traditional instruments, you can introduce live bands or DJs who can perform a mix of traditional and popular songs, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

By seamlessly integrating traditional Mehndi activities with modern entertainment elements, you can strike the perfect balance, infusing the celebration with cultural richness while keeping it dynamic and engaging. This fusion allows you to honor your traditions while appealing to the diverse tastes and preferences of your guests, ensuring a mehndi function that will be cherished and remembered for years to come.

Dance Performances

Dance performances hold a prominent place in mehndi functions and are highly popular among guests of all ages. These vibrant and energetic performances not only entertain the attendees but also add an element of cultural charm to the event. The rhythmic movements, colorful costumes, and infectious beats create an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

There are several dance styles that can be incorporated into mehndi functions, depending on the preferences and cultural backgrounds of the individuals involved. Bollywood dance, with its lively and synchronized moves, is a crowd favorite, as it captures the essence of Indian cinema and popular music. Bhangra, a traditional Punjabi dance form, is another captivating option that brings energy and enthusiasm to the celebration. Fusion dance styles, which combine elements from different cultural backgrounds, offer a unique and contemporary twist to the performances.

By incorporating a mix of dance styles, you can cater to the diverse tastes and backgrounds of your guests, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. It also allows individuals to express their creativity and showcase their talents, making the mehndi function a truly inclusive and engaging experience.

To ensure a seamless and captivating dance performance, hiring professional dancers can be a great option. Professional dancers bring expertise, precision, and a polished performance that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. They can choreograph intricate routines and tailor them to match the theme and vibe of the mehndi function. Additionally, professional dancers often have the ability to engage the audience and encourage participation, creating an interactive and entertaining experience for everyone.

If hiring professional dancers is not feasible, organizing group performances among family and friends can be equally exciting. Encourage enthusiastic individuals to form dance groups and practice together in the weeks leading up to the mehndi function. This not only adds a personal touch to the performances but also strengthens the bond among participants. Group performances also allow individuals who may not be professional dancers to showcase their talents and contribute to the overall entertainment of the event.

Remember to allocate sufficient time for rehearsals and ensure that the dance performances are well-coordinated with the overall flow of the mehndi function. This way, you can ensure that the dance performances are a highlight of the celebration, captivating the audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Incorporating dance performances into the mehndi function adds an element of liveliness and cultural richness to the event. Whether through professional dancers or group performances, the power of dance can truly elevate the celebratory atmosphere, making the mehndi function an unforgettable experience for all.

Live Music and Singing

Music plays a pivotal role in setting the tone and creating a festive ambiance at mehndi functions. It has the power to uplift spirits, evoke emotions, and bring people together in celebration. Whether it’s through live performances or curated playlists, the right music can enhance the overall experience and make the mehndi function truly memorable.

To infuse the mehndi function with the magic of live music, consider hiring a live band or a talented DJ. A live band can bring a dynamic and interactive element to the event, performing popular songs and engaging the guests with their infectious energy. Their ability to read the crowd and adapt their playlist accordingly ensures that the music resonates with the attendees, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Alternatively, a skilled DJ can curate a diverse playlist that caters to different musical preferences. They can seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary tracks, ensuring that there is something for everyone to groove to. Additionally, DJs often come equipped with professional sound systems and lighting setups, enhancing the overall visual and auditory experience of the mehndi function.

In addition to professional music performances, encourage guests to participate in singing competitions or karaoke sessions. This interactive element adds a personal touch to the celebration, allowing individuals to showcase their vocal talents and engage with the audience. Organize friendly competitions where guests can sing popular songs, traditional folk tunes, or even dedicate songs to the bride and groom. This not only entertains the guests but also creates a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Karaoke sessions can also be a great way to involve everyone in the music-filled celebration. Set up a designated area with a karaoke machine or hire a professional karaoke service. Guests can take turns singing their favorite songs, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere. This activity not only adds entertainment value but also encourages guests to let loose, have fun, and create lasting memories.

By incorporating live music performances, singing competitions, and karaoke sessions, you provide guests with various opportunities to immerse themselves in the joyous celebration of the mehndi function. The power of music to connect people, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories cannot be overstated, making it an essential element of a truly unforgettable event.

Fun Games and Competitions

Adding interactive games and competitions to the mehndi function is a fantastic way to engage guests of all ages and create a lively and entertaining atmosphere. These activities not only provide entertainment but also foster a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among attendees.

Consider incorporating mehndi-themed quizzes that test guests’ knowledge about the cultural significance, traditions, and symbolism associated with henna and mehndi functions. These quizzes can be designed in a fun and interactive manner, allowing guests to participate individually or in teams. This activity not only educates and entertains but also adds an element of excitement as participants strive to answer questions correctly and showcase their knowledge.

Another game that can be enjoyed by both children and adults is musical chairs with a twist. Instead of the traditional format, customize the game by using colorful mehndi-inspired cushions or mats instead of chairs. Play traditional or popular music and have participants dance around the mats. When the music stops, everyone has to find a spot on a mat. Remove one mat each round until a winner is determined. This adaptation of the classic game adds a cultural touch to the festivities and keeps the guests entertained and engaged.

To enhance the excitement and motivate participation in these games and competitions, it is essential to offer prizes or small gifts. Prizes can range from traditional items such as beautifully decorated henna cones, mehndi-themed trinkets, or traditional sweets, to more generic prizes like gift cards or vouchers. The prizes not only add a competitive edge but also serve as tokens of appreciation for the participants’ involvement, making them feel valued and adding to the overall enjoyment of the event.

Additionally, consider incorporating surprise elements throughout the games and competitions. For example, you can introduce bonus rounds or hidden prizes to add an extra layer of excitement and keep the participants engaged. These unexpected surprises create a buzz of anticipation and elevate the fun factor of the activities.

Remember to plan and organize these games and competitions in a way that allows for maximum participation and inclusivity. Provide clear instructions, create teams if necessary, and ensure that the games are suitable for guests of different age groups and physical abilities. This way, everyone can actively participate and enjoy the interactive entertainment provided.

By including fun games and competitions at the mehndi function, you create opportunities for laughter, friendly competition, and memorable moments. The addition of prizes and surprise elements elevates the excitement and ensures that guests remain engaged throughout the event. These interactive activities contribute to the festive ambiance, fostering a sense of unity and enjoyment among all attendees.

Photo Booths and Props

In recent years, the trend of having photo booths at mehndi functions has gained immense popularity. Photo booths offer a fun and interactive way for guests to capture memories and create lasting mementos of the event. These dedicated spaces not only provide a source of entertainment but also serve as a focal point for social interaction and creativity.

When setting up a photo booth, consider incorporating thematic backdrops, props, and accessories to enhance the visual appeal and create memorable photo opportunities. Choose backdrops that reflect the cultural aesthetics and style of the mehndi function. Floral designs, colorful patterns, or traditional motifs can be excellent choices. Additionally, provide a variety of props such as vibrant turbans, colorful scarves, traditional jewelry, and mehndi-inspired hand fans or umbrellas. These props add a playful touch and allow guests to unleash their creativity while posing for photos.

To make the photo booth experience more interactive, consider including frames or chalkboard signs with customizable messages. Guests can write personalized notes or captions on these props, adding a personal touch to their photos. You can also incorporate themed signage or banners that reflect the couple’s names, wedding date, or a special message.

While guests can capture their own photos at the photo booth using their smartphones or cameras, hiring a professional photographer is an excellent option to ensure high-quality and candid moments are captured. A professional photographer can not only take stunning portraits but also roam around the mehndi function, capturing spontaneous moments, laughter, and joy. Their expertise in composition, lighting, and storytelling through photography can result in a beautiful collection of images that preserve the essence of the celebration.

When hiring a professional photographer, discuss your preferences, the style of photography you desire, and any specific moments or shots you would like to prioritize. This ensures that the photographer understands your vision and can capture the most memorable and cherished moments of the mehndi function.

Mehndi Artists and Temporary Tattoos

Hiring professional mehndi artists has become increasingly popular at mehndi functions. These skilled artists bring their expertise and intricate designs to create beautiful henna patterns on the hands and feet of guests. Mehndi application is not only a form of body art but also a cultural tradition that adds elegance and beauty to the celebration.

By offering the services of professional mehndi artists, you provide guests with the opportunity to adorn themselves with exquisite henna designs. This adds a sense of luxury and pampering to the event, allowing guests to indulge in the artistic process and experience the joy of having personalized henna artwork on their bodies.

To accommodate the mehndi application process, it is advisable to have a designated area at the mehndi function. This area can be decorated with colorful drapes, comfortable seating arrangements, and vibrant cushions to create a lively and inviting atmosphere. Ensure that there is sufficient lighting to allow the mehndi artists to work with precision and clarity.

Creating a vibrant atmosphere in the mehndi application area encourages guests to gather and socialize. It becomes a space where individuals can share design ideas, admire each other’s henna artwork, and engage in conversations. This adds an element of community and camaraderie, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the mehndi function.

While henna application is a beloved tradition, not everyone may be able or willing to get henna designs on their bodies. In such cases, offering temporary tattoos can be a fantastic alternative. Temporary tattoos, inspired by traditional mehndi designs or customized to match the theme of the event, allow guests to participate in the body art experience without the commitment of a permanent design.

Temporary tattoos are easy to apply, safe for the skin, and provide a fun and creative option for guests who may prefer a temporary adornment. They can be offered in a variety of designs and sizes, catering to different preferences and age groups. Including temporary tattoos as an option ensures that all guests can partake in the mehndi experience and feel included in the celebration.

By providing professional mehndi artists and temporary tattoo options, you offer guests a chance to embrace the beauty and artistry associated with mehndi functions in a way that suits their individual preferences. Whether it’s the intricate henna patterns or the temporary tattoo designs, these artistic expressions become cherished memories and add to the overall festive ambiance of the mehndi function.

Cultural Performances

Incorporating cultural performances that reflect the bride and groom’s heritage is a wonderful way to celebrate and honor their cultural roots. These performances not only add authenticity to the mehndi function but also provide an opportunity for guests to experience and appreciate different traditions and art forms.

Advocate for the inclusion of cultural performances that showcase the rich diversity and heritage of the couple. This can include traditional folk dances, music, or storytelling that are representative of their cultural backgrounds. By incorporating these performances, you create a deeper connection between the guests and the couple’s cultural identity, fostering a sense of appreciation and respect for their heritage.

Offer ideas for cultural performances that guests can enjoy and participate in. Traditional folk dances from various regions or countries can be a captivating option. Whether it’s the vibrant and energetic movements of a Punjabi Bhangra dance or the graceful and intricate steps of a Rajasthani Ghoomar, these performances bring the essence of the culture to life and engage the audience.

In addition to dance, consider incorporating traditional music performances. This can include live instrumental performances of traditional instruments or vocal performances of folk songs that hold cultural significance. The melodies and rhythms of traditional music have the power to transport guests to a different time and place, allowing them to immerse themselves in the beauty and richness of the culture.

Another idea is to include storytelling sessions where guests can share traditional stories, myths, or legends from their cultural backgrounds. This interactive and educational experience not only entertains but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Encourage guests to participate and showcase their own cultural talents during the mehndi function. This can be through individual performances or group presentations. Provide a platform for guests to share their cultural talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or reciting poetry. This inclusive approach allows guests to actively engage in the celebration and creates a sense of pride and connection to their own cultural heritage.

Consider organizing group performances where individuals from different cultural backgrounds come together to create a fusion of traditions. This collaborative effort not only showcases the beauty of cultural diversity but also promotes unity and harmony among guests.

Encourage guests to prepare and practice their performances well in advance, ensuring that they align with the overall flow of the mehndi function. By actively involving guests in cultural performances, you create an immersive and memorable experience that celebrates the richness of traditions and allows everyone to contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the celebration.

DIY Activity Stations

Setting up DIY (Do-It-Yourself) activity stations at the mehndi function adds an interactive and creative element to the celebration. These stations provide guests with an opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, unleash their creativity, and create personalized keepsakes. DIY activities not only entertain guests but also allow them to take home a tangible reminder of the event.

These stations can be set up in designated areas with all the necessary materials and instructions provided. The DIY activities can be tailored to reflect the overall theme or cultural elements of the mehndi function, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Jewelry-making stations can be a popular choice, allowing guests to design and create their own bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Provide a variety of beads, charms, and stringing materials, along with basic instructions or inspiration boards to guide guests in their creations. This activity not only allows guests to express their personal style but also results in unique and personalized accessories they can wear and cherish.

Another idea is to set up a fabric painting station. Provide plain white scarves, handkerchiefs, or tote bags along with fabric paints, brushes, and stencils. Guests can unleash their creativity by painting traditional motifs, personalized designs, or messages onto the fabric. This activity not only allows guests to engage in a hands-on artistic experience but also provides them with a functional and personalized item they can use or gift.

Consider creating DIY stations where guests can decorate candles or bookmarks with personalized mehndi designs. Provide plain candles or bookmark blanks along with markers, paints, or henna cones. Guests can create intricate henna-inspired designs, incorporating their own creativity and personal touch. These DIY creations can serve as unique and cherished mementos of the mehndi function.

When setting up the DIY activity stations, ensure that there are clear instructions or inspiration boards available to guide guests. Display finished examples or provide simple step-by-step guides to assist those who may need guidance or inspiration. Having knowledgeable assistants or volunteers available at the stations can also provide guidance and support to guests as they engage in the DIY activities.


In this blog, we have explored a range of entertainment ideas for mehndi functions, aiming to enhance the celebratory atmosphere and create a memorable experience for all. Let’s recap some of the ideas discussed:

  1. Traditional Mehndi Activities: Incorporating activities such as applying henna, singing folk songs, and playing traditional instruments to blend tradition with modern entertainment.
  2. Dance Performances: Exploring various dance styles like Bollywood, Bhangra, or fusion and providing tips on hiring professional dancers or organizing group performances.
  3. Live Music and Singing: Emphasizing the role of music in creating a festive ambiance and suggesting hiring a live band or DJ to perform popular songs, as well as encouraging guests to participate in singing competitions or karaoke sessions.
  4. Fun Games and Competitions: Presenting interactive games that engage both children and adults, emphasizing the importance of prizes or small gifts to motivate participation and add excitement.
  5. Photo Booths and Props: Discussing the rising trend of photo booths at mehndi functions, offering suggestions for thematic backdrops, props, and accessories to create memorable photo opportunities, and mentioning the possibility of hiring a professional photographer to capture candid moments.
  6. Mehndi Artists and Temporary Tattoos: Highlighting the popularity of hiring professional mehndi artists for guests and suggesting having a designated area for mehndi application to create a lively atmosphere. Additionally, mentioning the option of temporary tattoos for those who prefer not to get henna applied.
  7. Cultural Performances: Advocating for incorporating cultural performances that reflect the bride and groom’s heritage, offering ideas such as traditional folk dances, music, or storytelling, and encouraging guests to participate and showcase their own cultural talents.
  8. DIY Activity Stations: Suggesting setting up DIY stations where guests can engage in creative activities, providing examples like jewelry-making, fabric painting, or creating personalized mehndi designs on candles or bookmarks.

Consider the size of your venue, the number of guests, and the overall theme of the mehndi function when selecting entertainment options. Remember, it’s the thought and effort you put into creating a joyful and engaging atmosphere that truly matters.

Ultimately, the key takeaway is to prioritize the happiness and enjoyment of all guests attending the mehndi function. By incorporating a variety of entertainment ideas, you create an inclusive environment where everyone can participate, connect, and celebrate together. Whether it’s through dance, music, games, or cultural performances, the shared experience of entertainment fosters lasting memories and strengthens the bonds between family and friends.

As you embark on planning your mehndi function, embrace creativity, cultural diversity, and the spirit of celebration. Remember to enjoy the process and savor each moment, knowing that your efforts will contribute to a joyous and unforgettable occasion for all.

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